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Blur JPG

See how it works

How to blur JPG?

  1. Hit START and start app

  2. Choose Edit in the toolbar on the left

  3. Find Blur tool in the panel of instruments on the right

  4. Click Blur and let the blur JPG editor modify your photo

  5. Save the image and find in the downloads folder of your browser

As you can see, it only take five simple step to apply a luring blur effect to your JPEG image. With you can also resize your photo, compress, and download it as PDF or PNG.

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Why do you need to blur JPG?

Blurring is a beautiful visual effect you may want to add in certain situations. You can blur JPG photos in order to add more emphasis to the central subject of your image and make the background softer and less pronounced. What happens when you apply blur effect is that you change the field depth of your JPEG picture. As a result, you achieve a beautiful and a bit mysterious atmosphere in your JPG image. Photo blur makes your image less noisy and gives them a somewhat ephemeral and dreamy look. At the same time, however, blurring effect can impart a sense of dynamics to your pic.

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Free online blur editor

JPEG is one of the most widely spread image files on the web. Every day you use JPG photos in your social media accounts to add a striking visual element to your message. One of the popular trends is to use nifty typography against some beautiful background. The latter is a very easy thing to make with a JPG photo blur tool. With you can quickly blur your image online in a matter of several clicks. No need to get registered or leave your credit card information. You can blur your JPEG image for free and publish it online straightaway!

Blur and publish your JPGs straightaway
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Watch video tutorial from to learn how to blur your JPEG online

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