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Emboss image

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How to emboss an image?

Photo embossing is a popular task when it comes to editing visual content. is a great tool to emboss images, which is also very easy to use. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Press START button and launch

  2. Upload the photos that you want to emboss

  3. Click Edit in the left side panel

  4. Find Emboss in the toolbar on the right

  5. Click on it and let emboss effect generator do its work

  6. Save your edited picture on your device

The embossed picture will be automatically save in the default downloads folder on your computer.

Embossing images with

How does emboss effect work?

When you apply an emboss style to your digital image, this causes each pixel of your picture to be replaced either by a highlight or a shadow. This depends on the boundaries between the light and the dark areas on the original picture. The name of this editing tool stems from a technique of producing raised or sunken patterns in sheet metal. The resulting image resembles a paper or metal embossing of the original picture. Emboss tool in helps you achieve a similar effect. It takes just s few clicks to emboss online whatever image you want to edit.

Easy-to-use photo embossing tool in

Why do you need to emboss an image?

When applied to your image, photo embossing stamp imparts an additional three-dimensional effect to your image. Besides, emboss effect generator helps to reduce “noise” on your picture. Embossing images online is one of the top functionalities available in photo editor. is a reliable editor and converter that has a number of tools to visually improve your images. This service does not require registration, it does not contain advertisements, it works entirely online, and it is free. All these features make an extremely attractive tool for photo editing.

Apply emboss tool for a striking visual effect
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Learn how to emboss your images - tutorial

Online converter and editor is a perfect tool to emboss any file format.