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Free Image Blurring

See how it works

How to blur an image?

To blur image, including add a cool blur effect to your JPG online with is super-easy:

  1. Open your photo in by hitting START

  2. Select Edit on the left side panel

  3. Find Blur tool in the right toolbar

  4. Click on Blur until you achieve the necessary blurring effect

  5. Save your blurred image

Besides, you can also use as a powerful and easy-to-use photo converter. It can come in handy as CR2 converter when you need to conver RAW photos from cameras.

Five easy steps to blur image with

Why do you need blurring effect?

In some cases you may want to blur image to achieve a special visual effect. A blurred background brings more emphasis to the main subject of your photo. Lettering looks especially effective agains blur background. Blur effect can help you soften the edges of the objects to give them a more mysterious, ephemeral look. Besides, image blurring can create a sense of speed and dynamics.

Blur effect brings mystery and ambiance to your image

Image blurring - best practices

Before you start to blur image, you need to define the purpose of your photo blurring. For example, you may need to blur backgroud or make the edges look softer. Secondly, you need to find a reliable image-blurring tool. can come in handy when you need to blur photo. It is a free in-browser tool that can blur your PNG and any other image in no time.

How to use blur effectively
Want to try?

Learn how to blur your images - tutorial

Online converter and editor is a perfect tool to blur any file format.