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Blur PNG

See how it works

How to blur PNG?

Do you need to blur your PNG image quickly? No problem! Fast and reliable photo editor can do this task in no time for free. Here’s what you should do:

  1. Press START to launch editor

  2. Add PNG pic you want to blur

  3. Find and select Edit in the left side panel

  4. Choose Blur in the toolbar on the right

  5. Let blur tool modify your image

  6. Collect your modified photo in the downloads folder of your browser

It takes image editor mere seconds to blur your PNG online. You can also resize your pictures, crop, invert, and convert into another format effortlessly.

It takes a couple of easy steps to add a blurring effect to your PNG

Blurring PNG - best practices

You may need to blur your image for a number of reasons. First of all, blurring effect gives your PNG a sort of dreamy and mysterious look and feel. It makes your image appear softer and warmer than it is. In some cases, however, blur effect imparts a sense of movement and dynamics to your picture. Another popular scenario is to blur picture because you want to use it as a background for something, e.g. for typography and some sort of title. Letters will stand out more vividly against a blurry backdrop. And finally, you may need to blur PNG for technical reasons. Blur effect reduces the noise on your photo and generally improves its visual quality.

Learn how you can use blurring to improve your PNG pic

Blur your PNG online

Your digital content works for the benefit of your business when it is recycled fast. The sooner you prepare some new visual material for your blog or social media accounts, the sooner it converts new customers for your service or product. Time is money after all. And what saves your time like nothing else is a fast and reliable tool on your side. is a free online converter that you can use in any browser and on any device. It also works as blur photo editor for any image file format, including PNG. What is more, once you’ve had your PNG pic blurred, you can promptly share it online in a variety of social media channels.

Apply blur effect to your PNG images in no time
Want to try?

Watch video tutorial from to learn how to blur your PNG files quickly is a free onlin converter and image editor that can work with any image file format.