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Compress image

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How to compress an image? is a powerful online photo editor and converter. It can also work as a image compressor that helps you shrink your photos with a few easy steps:

  1. Launch by clicking START

  2. Upload images from your desktop computer

  3. Select one or more photos that you want to compress in the gallery below

  4. Select Save among the other toolbars on the left

  5. Set the necessary image Quality to compress image size

  6. Press Save and let the picture compressor work

The new compressed copy of the photo will be automatically saved in the default downloads folder of your browser. You can also use photo compressor to compress picture in bulk.

Compressing photos online with

Why do you need image compressor?

Image compression helps to reduce photo file size. Thanks to image compressor, your images and videos take up much less storage space on your device. Besides, they can be transmitted faster and easier online, which is important for slow internet connections. Most often you need to compress photos and other images before you display them on website, share on your social media accounts or send by email. is a powerful photo compressor that can compress any image file without quality loss, while significantly reducing the size of your images. When you compress photo, you do not change its width and height, so visually you can see no difference before and after compression.

Photo compression speedens up communication and sharing information

Best practices for compressing picture online

First of all, you need a reliable and easy-to-use photo size compressor. is one of the best compressing tools available that it compresses your images online free. It helps you drastically shrink the files that appear too big for transmitting them via email or in social media. Secondly, you need a compressor that can compress images without suffering too much quality loss. performs this task in an excellent way. And, as the name of the app suggests, it can easily compress RAW image size as well. And finally, Image compression happens online in a matter of seconds. So, there is no longer need for built-in compression software that you have to install on your desktop computer.

The best way to compress you image and share it online
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Learn how to compress your images - tutorial

Online converter and editor is a perfect tool to comress any file format.