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Have you ever found yourself in a situation when you need to view or convert a raw file from your favourite Canon DSLR and a friend’s computer without Raw converter? Or probably one of your family members asked you what to do with strange .cr2 files. There are plenty of situations like this. When any of this happens you have no better option than to use, an online converter from raw to JPG.

Canon Raw to JPG

Our tool provides a comprehensive support for Canon’s cr2 format. We enable you to work with embedded JPG that is stored in any raw image, or a true raw data (yes, we can do demosaicing right in a browser). The result of demosaicing is a full resolution image, embedded JPG is not less than 1500px on a long edge.

You can correct exposure of your photo and save JPG with any quality you need.

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When nothing needs to be installed to work with a file and what you see doesn’t depend on the platform, file format becomes ubiquitous. PDF is a nice example: once support for this format was added to browsers it became the dominating format for digital documents.

We’re making the same with raw images. Moreover, our service is free.

Need to convert or view some RAW photos from Canon?

How to view and convert Canon cr2 to JPG – tutorial

Online service allows to convert cr2 to JPG. This is a short tutorial showing its capabilities: batch conversion, resizing, raw decoding.