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How to convert JPG to JPEG

Pretty easy, actually. Just change file extension in Explorer or Finder. There’s no need to change something in the file, because JPG and JPEG are synonyms. If you’re trying to change the quality, i.e. convert bigger jpg to a smaller one, then you can use our online image converter. It is capable to convert raw images to JPG, resize them.

We support conversion of images from the most popular cameras of Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax, Olympus and Fujitsu.

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How to convert NEF and CR2

If you own a DSLR camera by Canon or Nikon, you probably gonna need a decent raw converter. If you want to send a picture, you just need JPG in most of the cases. When you need to send photos to a friend or a client that doesn't have any program to open a file in .cr2 or .nef format, or when you need to show photos and there is no appropriate app on a computer, head over to online raw converter

To convert CR2 photos to JPG you need nothing but a modern browser. Good news is you will also be able to correct exposure of your images and resize them.

Converting NEF to JPG online is easy too. Check out the page describing how to get your NEF files converter here.

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Convert & edit a photo

You can convert your photos to JPG online. You need nothing but a modern web browser: Chrome, Firefox and Safari work really well. To start working you just need to type into the address bar and hit Return.

One of the most common editing tasks is picture resizing, so we’ve built it right into our online converter. Just choose the right size of the output, and we’ll save your photo with dimensions you chose. Crop, curves and a number of more advanced adjustments are available in our online photo editor.

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System requirements

Our online converter works in Chrome, Firefox and Safari. It doesn’t require fast Internet connection, because conversion happens on your computer and nothing is uploaded to the web. You can convert up to 5 images absolutely for free.