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How to convert PNG to JPG for free

Technically change PNG to JPG means to convert image from png to jpg. To do that you need to press "Go to app" button bove, then drop your PNGs into the page that will be open and press 'Save' button.

PNG is a widespread image format. Technically it is based on an old GIF format. In a few words - it’s just a better GIF. The format is supported by almost all modern browsers and operating systems.

This format uses lossless compression method that’s why sometimes PNG files are huge and people prefer to convert them into JPG format. This allows to save space and shorten the upload and download time.

PNG to JPG batch converter

PNG to JPG batch converter

Our service allows to convert png files to jpeg for a batch of files. All you need is to drag your files into the browser window and press ‘Save’ button. The service performs the conversion quickly, without any uploads. You may change output files dimensions and DPI settings.

online converter

In-browser PNG converter

You may use myriads of desktop utilities to change file format from PNG to JPG. But our service allows to do that without any setup or installation – right in your browser. Pay your attention that we don’t perform any uploads, that is the most safe and secure way to convert your files.

resize png

Resize PNG files

One of the most common problems - quickly resize a number of files. You may use our service to do that. Put your files into the browser window with our app opened. After the batch is open - click ‘Convert’ button and set new dimensions of the files. After clicking ‘OK’ button you’re all set.

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